Dopp’s at 356 Mission, 2014

Dopp’s was conceived, curated, and constructed by Isaac Resnikoff, Michael Dopp, and Calvin Marcus. Dopp’s is part of a consecutive series of exhibitions and gatherings with the spirit of collaboration and social space.

Dopp’s was formerly located in Lincoln Heights in the home of Calvin Marcus, built with the refuse from Isaac’s studio. From there we selected a group of friends whose work emphasized sport, leisure, and could be purposed as functional items in a bar setting.

Not unlike our previous projects The Cactus Painting Show and The Nudes Show at 3704 North Figueroa or The Object Salon at Roberts & Tilton or even No Vex at the Hyperion Tavern, Dopp’s seeks to bring people together. The opening night of Dopp’s we served a Kolsch beer brewed on site by Nicholas Fisher, weed rose made by Tim Colla from Napa, and Raicilla, a type of Mezcal made by Camillo Ontivero’s family in Jalisco. The two and half foot lathed redwood beer taps made by Ravi Jackson poured Nick’s beer, while Tim’s weed rose was served in hand thrown translucent porcelain cups made by Shoshi Kanokohata, while sitting at a marble bar on a stool top painted by David Korty listening to a music selection by Sam Davis and Ben Brunnemer illuminated by Kelly Akashi’s candle and Catherine Ahearn’s homemade lava lamp.

Dopp’s inevitably had to relocate and is happy to be hosted by 356 S Mission. The spirit and physical presence remains the same though Dopp’s will continue to evolve in its new location. Currently we are enjoying the 2014 World Cup at Dopp’s. Come have a cold one on us!