The Third Party,  Night Gallery, 2011

Mind Games, China Art Objects, 2011

In the Making, Roberts & Tilton, 2012

The Road Ahead, Roberts & Tilton, 2012

California Visual Music, Guggenheim Gallery, 2013

Untitled, Fourteen30 Contemporary, 2014

Untitled with Kelly Akashi, And There is an End, Roberts & Tilton, 2015

Dopp Dolittle, RUN(A)WAY, Night Gallery, 2015

A collaboration with Grant Levy Lucero. Hand painted fabric cut and sewn into clothes.

Magneto with Orr Herz , Perfect Day, Roberts Projects, 2016

Harmony’s Gift Shop, Harmony Murphy Gallery, 2016

Lapse-Rate Disambiguation, Phil Gallery, 2016

Sin-Bin, FLAT:TWO, 2017

Sister, Phil Gallery, 2017

Fire in the Mountains, Holiday Forever, 2018

Tragedy Plus Time,  Roberts Projects, 2018

Tragedy Plus Time, a group show organized by Michael Dopp. The exhibition is comprised of four sculptural pieces by Nevine Mahmoud, Krista Mary Martin, Thomas McDonell and Mark Verabioff. A mise-en-scène of materials: marble, rubber, foam, resin. A stage of anticipation, a cuddle puddle of objects. The collected works seem to anticipate action, props of speculative desire and pathos.

Present Progressive, Seterah Gallery, 2018

One Way or Another, Roberts Projects, 2018

Behind Face, Roberts Projects, 2019

Sample Platter, Guggenheim Gallery Chapman University, 2020

El Sereno Table, Grey Garden, Night Gallery, 2021

Aesthetics of Everyday Objects: The Cup, ATLA, 2024


L.A. Palette Club, Bunkado, 2024